ou can use this shortcode to display the front-end booking calendar. Use the “calendar” attribute to display a specific calendar. Use the “year” and/or “month” attributes to display a specific month and/or year. You can also use the “switcher” variable to add a calendar switcher dropdown above the calendar. Your users can then switch between each calendar you’ve created.

[booked-calendar year=”2016″ month=”7″ calendar=”12″ switcher=”true”]

This will display the calendar with the ID of 12, and it will start the calendar at July, 2016 when loaded. It will also display the dropdown switcher with the current calendar preselected.

Display a Custom Calendar



Display the Login / Register Form

If the Registration tab doesn’t show up, be sure to allow registrations from the Settings > General page.

Display User Profile

You can use this shortcode to display the profile content on any page. If a user is not logged in, they will see the login form instead.

Display User’s Appointments

You can use this shortcode to display just the currently logged in user’s upcoming appointments.